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Suzhou Bing Chi warm and cold Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou Luzhi town. The company is committed to industrial temperature control, mainly engaged in ice water machine, mold temperature machine, crusher and other plastic production with peripheral equipment production and research and development work, and engaged in temperature control system design and construction. According to customer needs, custom production of two-body temperature machine, chiller, chillers and so on. And can be targeted to develop cooling programs to improve production efficiency. The company produces equipment exported to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. Should the customer needs, the company also agents brand injection molding machine industry, dedicated to meet the needs of more customers.

The company's production and management staff have many years of experience in temperature control operations, the main technical staff with more than 20 years of production and design experience, familiar with all aspects of temperature control, production technology is improving, and continue to develop research and development of plastic production technology, according to customer needs, Provide the necessary equipment for plastic production and the overall solution.

The company is committed to "customer-centric, continuous improvement, enhance the value of creating a better future" business philosophy, improve service, and strive to build a "temperature control industry pioneer."

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