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What brand of oven is good? Professional temperature control is the key

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Home oven, now more and more people are concerned about. Oven can not only do cake, bread, pizza, biscuits and the like snacks, it can also do all kinds of barbecue and dishes. Some people say that with an oven, at least to meet their fantasy for the perfect kitchen; also said that an oven can make their own more creative, more inspiration, baking out their understanding of happy life. For those who have the need to buy home oven, the most tangled is what brand of oven is good? Is it good for desktop or embedded? and many more. This article will be a detailed analysis of these issues, hoping to buy your reference and help.

What brand of oven is good? Professional temperature control is the key

At this stage, the home oven, generally can be divided into desktop oven and embedded oven two. Desktop oven is more flexible, the price is relatively moderate, but relatively embedded oven, the desktop oven temperature is not very accurate, the capacity is also small, one-time roasted food quantity and taste more limited; and embedded oven is different, It is an upgraded version of the desktop oven. Embedded oven baking speed, good sealing, good insulation, the most important is the internal space is relatively large, accurate temperature control, whether it is baking novice or a certain baking experience of people, embedded oven convenient and affordable.

Let us compare the specific comparison of the desktop oven and embedded different, different baking staff can be selected according to the actual situation and needs.

Look at the size of the oven. The capacity of the home oven is generally from 9 to 60 liters, the choice of capacity specifications must be fully considered to buy the use of the oven. In general, the desktop oven capacity is relatively small, a small amount of food baked a few; embedded oven a large amount of baking, the basic can be baked chicken, a number of egg tarts and cakes, for the whole family to use more save time and energy.

Two look baking effect. Desktop oven heating a single way, the food is not even enough heat, it is easy to appear outside the coke situation; embedded oven is a good solution to this problem, most of the embedded oven can achieve the next, under the fire control, temperature control more accurate , The baking effect of food is also more ideal.

Three to see the function set. Desktop oven features less, can achieve a simple food baking, baking effect and general, a long time, it is easy to be idle; embedded oven using heating tube combination of more, more complete functions, like baking, Barbecue, thawing and other functions can be achieved, so the use of embedded ovens is relatively high frequency.

Four to see safety performance. Desktop oven insulation performance is poor, the work of the box surface temperature is relatively high, easy to be burned; embedded oven cooling, insulation system is more mature and reasonable, both to save space clean and beautiful, and will not bake to the cabinet, the door Surface temperature is also low, not hot, very safe.

Five to see space utilization. As we all know, most of the Chinese family kitchen space is limited, the choice of desktop oven will occupy a certain area of use, baking people move up too much trouble; embedded oven because it is embedded cabinets or wall inside, save the kitchen space at the same time, the overall and more beautiful The

If you intend to use the oven often to cook, it is recommended to choose a relatively comprehensive function, the use of relatively convenient and safe multi-functional embedded oven, such as the side too warm oven KQD60F-Z1.

First of all, the actual capacity of the oven, the square too warm oven KQD60F-Z1 space expanded to 60L available volume, deep baking pan and grill readily available to meet the needs of various types of users at the same time, it also has a removable, Smooth quality of the slide, to ensure that the release more convenient;

Second, in the baking effect, the side of the same temperature oven innovation using "double probe temperature control technology" and "three-dimensional hot air circulation system", with the upper and lower distribution through the two temperature probe probe cavity temperature field, and then through the heating tube Intelligent adjustment, so that the oven temperature fluctuations are always less than 3 ℃; and the new upgrade of the heating structure, can greatly improve the efficiency of air heat exchange within the cavity, so that hot air flow more uniform to ensure that layers are everywhere with the effect of temperature;