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Building HVAC project: indoor temperature control to achieve the type of what?

release time:2017-06-08author:click:1407

According to the different grades, occasions and the use of requirements, you can use a different control program. The following is the function, different grades of various control programs

1, simple control: (the whole room water flow control) through the typical room temperature feedback to control the installation of sub-catchment in front of the valve opening and closing, to control the entire housing temperature.

2, the basic control: (room independent of the single-loop control) through each functional room temperature controller, respectively, control installed in the sub-collector on the actuator, the room heating loop water open or closed to control Room temperature.

3, centralized control: (small communication centralized control) on the basis of basic control, through the main control zone installed in the main temperature controller communication signal conversion, not only the room temperature controller to adjust the temperature of the room, but also The room temperature controller can be used to remotely operate the room temperature controller, change its set point and program it in time and mode.

4, intelligent control: (central communication centralized control) through the DDC controller can be collected indoor temperature, indoor humidity signal combined with air conditioning system and outdoor temperature compensation to achieve intelligent control. At the same time can be connected to the computer, telephone, the central room, you can achieve the Internet, telephone and other remote control.

5, the surface temperature control: a large area of stone ground, can be buried in the stone under the temperature sensor and the corresponding temperature controller to control the surface temperature of stone to prevent stone cracking damage.

6, wireless control: the transformation of housing or inconvenient wiring of the house, the Secretary to the use of wireless thermostat and the corresponding receiving system to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control.