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Introduction of temperature automatic controller

release time:2017-06-09author:click:1366

The temperature automatic controller is the hub that regulates the control temperature and automatically cuts off or turns on the power as the temperature rises or falls to ensure constant temperature. The device is made of two different expansion of bimetallic and thermistor made of shape made of glass test tube, hanging in the upper part of the aquarium, the temperature rose to a certain boundary, the temperature automatic controller will cut off the electric current , And when the temperature dropped to a certain value, the temperature automatic controller will automatically turn on the power to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control. Temperature automatic regulator in the use of a period of time, we must always check the operation of the regulator, including the glass tube is seepage and other phenomena, the timely lifting of the failure. Currently on the market there are many good features of the electronic regulator, the use of microcomputer control system to adjust the temperature.